Week 6: Day 2

Read: Psalm 22


How is the psalmist suffering physically? How is he suffering in relation to God and to other people?

What explicit pleas does the psalmist make to God? Do you think the psalmist expects God to act?

What is said about the Lord in the second half of the psalm? How will people respond to God as a result of his deliverance?


Read Mark 15 and note any references that you find to Psalm 22.

Jesus identifies himself with Psalm 22 when he quotes verse 1 while on the cross. In what sense is God not acting to deliver Jesus in that moment? Do you think God has abandoned Jesus completely?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:18-21. Why does Jesus endure the mockery, physical suffering and sense of abandonment on the cross? What is he achieving?

God delivers Jesus by raising him to life, and as a result people respond to the Lord in awe, worship, submission and praise for generations to come. In what sense can our message to the world be summed up with ‘He has done it!’?


Praise God for his faithfulness to us, demonstrated through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Pray that we would be moved to proclaim at what God has done in Christ to others, that they too may turn to the Lord and worship him.

Providence City