Week 5: Day 4

Read: 1 Samuel 15


Previously in the history of Israel God had judged the Amalekites for their wickedness and evil What is Saul commanded to do?

What does he fail to do?

How does God react to Saul’s failure?

What is reason does Saul give for not listening to God?

How does God punish Saul?


Saul’s failure to follow God’s command leads to God regretting his decision to make him King. Saul not only disobeys God but sets up a monument to  himself after the victory.

After a number of attempts to justify his actions Saul finally to admits his failure to Samuel. Saul realised he cared more the will of the people than the commands of God.

Read Romans 16:17-19

As followers of Jesus we must heed the warning not to let our desire to fit in and please the people around us trump the commands and will of God. 


·      For the courage to fear God  instead of listening to, and fearing the world around us

·      Pray for the strength to serve God and not seehim in order to gain power or influence

·      To put Gods glory far above our own honour and glory


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