Week 5: Day 3

Read: 1 Samuel 14:24-52


What oath does Saul make after Gods victory through Jonathan? Does God command or commend Saul’s oath?

How does this decision contribute to the men of Israel sinning in verses 31-35?

Who is it that breaks Saul’s oath? What is Saul’s reaction?



Jonathan perfectly sums up the outcome of Saul’s rash oath in 29-30. But Saul shows a lack of humility by  attempting to apportion blame to his soldiers and Jonathan for his lack of judgement. 

It is sometimes easy to  fall into the trap of blaming others when we have failed ourselves. When are you likely to blame others for your own sinfulness and rash decisions?



·      That my own pride does not blind me from seeing my own mistakes

·      For a repentant heart and God’s help to deal with sin in my life


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