Week 5: Day 1

Read: 1 Samuel 13


What do we learn about Israel’s security? What do they have to fight with?

What is Saul told by Samuel to do in order to defeat the Philistines? What does he do instead? What is the heart of Saul’s problem in 13:13-15? Did Saul repent of his action?


In this passage Saul has an opportunity to be faithful to God, but instead breaks his commandments so that he can secure victory over the Philistines.

Is there a time you have disobeyed God in order to secure something you wanted?

Read Philippians 2:3-8

In Philippians we see that Jesus, unlike Saul, is obedient to God and was faithful in the worst of circumstances. And as a result of Jesus’ humility God exalted Him to the highest place.


·      Pray for faith and obedience so that you can love and serve God in every circumstance

·      Thank God for the victory that was won in Jesus

·      Ask God to help you wait patiently and live rightly as the world waits for Jesus’ return


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