Week 4: Day 4

Read: 1 Samuel 12



Samuel was revered among the Israelites as a great leader.

 Reflect on some Samuel’s qualities which him this great leader. 


Samuel’s farewell address to the Israelites has a solemn ring to it. Samuel is reminding the people of how their ancestors disobeyed God even though He was gracious to them by bringing them out of Egypt.

How does Samuel point them to God even as he is leaving his position of leadership within the community? How does Samuel say he will continue to help the people? 


In 12:19 the people realise they have sinned against God and need His forgiveness.

How does Samuel reassure the people? 



We are all prone to sinning against God as we live in a broken and sinful world as did the Israelites. Remember how the Israelites reacted when they realised they had sinned against the one true God.

How do you react when you realise you have sinned? Do you model repentance in your life?

Samuel also shows what a leader looks like, even when he officially steps down from leading the people of Israel. Think about the leadership positions you hold both in a Christian and secular context.

 In what ways could you lead people towards God? How can you lead in a godly way in your workplace?



·      Thank God for sending His son to take away the punishment for our sins. Repent of those sins to Him and ask that He will continue to change your heart to become more like His Son

·      Ask that He would help you lead the people in your care with godly character by continually pointing them towards Jesus.

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