Week 4: Day 3

Read: 1 Samuel 11


The attack of the Ammonites on the town of Jabesh Gilead leads to something unexpected within the province of Israel.

What happens to Saul when he hears this news? What does this cause him to do?

How do the Israelites react to Saul? Why?


The battle is not much of a battle. In verse 11 we see Saul’s men attack during the night and break the camp of the Ammonites scattering them and rescuing the town of Jabesh.

After the battle how do the Israelites react to Saul? How does Saul react to them wanting to shed more blood?



We see in verse 6 that the spirit of God came powerfully upon Saul. God was with Saul to empower him for a special purpose. 

Read Acts 1:1-9

We, as followers of Jesus have also been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

How are we called to use this gift?



·      Thank God for giving us the Holy Spirit who guide us towards Him and empowers our ministries

·      Pray that He would help you to live in step with the Spirit

·      Ask God for opportunities to minister to friends, family and colleagues.   Pray for the courage to carry out what He puts in front of you

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