Romans Week 16: Day 4

Read: Romans 8:31-39 focusing on verses 37-39



In what things are we more than conquerors? How can Paul be so confident that Christians can stand victorious in Jesus even despite suffering?

Consider the things that cannot separate us from the love of God. Is there any threat left?

Why can we be so confident of our faith in Jesus?


The Christian life often does not look so ‘victorious’ from the outside. For instance, we are called to bless those who hate us and to live humble, servant-hearted lives for someone other than ourselves. The current media climate sees Christians often criticised for the way they apply the bible to their lives. However, the Christian life is victorious life not because of temporal victories but because of what Jesus has already won for us: new, eternal life that we can gain through him along with the complete confidence we have in nothing coming between us and God.


Read John 10:27-29



Take time to reflect. Am I confident in the things I have been given in Jesus? What areas of life might I be tempted to think that God is not going to get me through?

Reflect on what God has gotten you through so far. What specific ways can you be thankful to God in his keeping you secure in Jesus?



Pray that this wonderful truth will frame our lives, and prepare us to have confidence in God for any and every circumstance.

Thankfulness to God who has given us absolute security in Christ.

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