Romans Week 16: Day 3

Read: Romans 8:31-39 focusing on verses 35-36 and optional reading Hebrews 11:35-40



Reflect if you have faced, or are currently facing persecution for your faith in Jesus. What might you conclude about your relationship with God when you face suffering?


Read: Psalm 44


What is the subject of conflict in Psalm 44? What do God’s people feel is happening in their position of suffering?

How would you use the Romans 8:31-39 passage to respond to Christians that feel like suffering equates to God not being present and or a lack of blessing?

The response of faithful believers of God in Psalm 44 ask the question, what is God doing amid our pain? Is God far off? We can be tempted to link our suffering with condemnation, that God is far off from us, and that he has abandoned us even when we have been faithful. We have a sure example of God’s faithfulness to us: According to Romans 5:1-2, it is through Jesus that we have peace and complete access to God and the grace in which we stand. We must hold onto this love despite the attacks we might receive in the present age.


When has suffering or troubles discouraged your faith in Jesus? Why can we be confident that suffering and troubles cannot separate us from Jesus?




For Christians around the world who are persecuted for their trust and faith in Jesus.


For missionaries who sacrifice much for the cause of the Gospel of Jesus.


For God’s Spirit to guard us as we face suffering great or small for Jesus.

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