Romans Week 16: Day 2

Read: Romans 8:31-39 focusing on verses 33-34



Nobody is stronger than God, who is for us. But can God’s mind be changed about whether he condemns us?

What has Jesus done for us? What is Jesus doing for us now?

Read these words from John Stott: “First, Christ Jesus…dies for the very sins which otherwise we would deservedly be condemned. But instead God ‘condemned sin’ (our sin) in the humanity of Jesus (8:3), and so Christ has redeemed us from the curse or condemnation of the law ‘by becoming a curse for us’…Secondly, after death he was raised to life. It is not just that he rose…but that he was raised by the Father, who thus demonstrated his acceptance of the sacrifice of his Son as the only satisfactory basis for our justification. And now, thirdly the crucified and resurrected Christ is at the right hand of God, resting from his finished work, occupying the place of supreme honour, exercising his authority to save, and waiting for his final triumph.”



Reflect on occasions when you have been condemned by others or you have condemned yourself. Did it feel like you were on trial? 

 If Jesus is our advocate before the father, what charges can be brought against you when you stand on judgment day?



Thankfulness that Jesus is interceding for us before the Father.

Forgiveness for our specific sins, in full confidence that God will forgive us in Jesus.


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