Romans Week 15: Day 3

Read: Romans 5:3-5


We read this passage a few weeks ago but now we will read it again in light of Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Suffering is a part of human life. Everyone experiences it to different degrees each day. So then how are we still able to say that God is working for our good? Paul suffered much throughout his life and still preached God’s good working in his life.

What view does Romans 5 take on suffering?

  • How can it possibly be a good thing from God?
  • What do we hope for? Something now or something in the future?

Our hope isn’t in this life and having ‘our best life now’. We put our hope in God and the New Creation that we will one day walk in. 

How has our hope been preserved in the eyes of Paul? (v. 5)


Are you currently enduring suffering? How can the bible’s view on suffering and God’s love help you?

Where do you place your hope? Are your hopes in this life, a promotion, a holiday? Or do your hopes rest in God?


Thank God that His great love is evident to us through his great gifts. Thank Him for giving you the Holy Spirit to guide your way.

Pray that God would help you through your suffering, that he would give you strength, endurance and the support you need. 

Pray that you would find your hope in God each and every day and that the things of the world would not take over. 

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