Romans Week 15: Day 2

Read: Colossians 1:15-23


Christ as the firstborn among many brothers and sisters

What does it mean for Christ to be the firstborn over all creation?

What is Christ’s role in the creation?

Christ is also the firstborn among the dead, a reference to His resurrection. Why is it important that he is also firstborn among the dead? (v.18)

Firstborn suggests that there will be more to come. By being the ‘firstborn,’ Christ has all the power that the role brings, much like the firstborn in a royal family.

What does Christ’s status as firstborn mean for humanity?

  • How does Christ’s supremacy over death point to what is to come? 


Christ is the firstborn over all creation meaning he reigns supreme over all things. Does this change how you live and view your life?

How do you acknowledge Christ’s supremacy over your life? 


Thank God for sending his son Jesus, the firstborn over all creation. 

Thank God that Jesus points toward the New Creation.

Pray that God would help you to acknowledge Christ’s supremacy over all things and submit to His rule in everything you do.

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