Romans Week 15: Day 1

This week we will be exploring some of the topics found in Romans 8:28-30. We will use different parts of the Bible to gain a greater understanding of these topics.  

Read: Ephesians 1:3-14



God chose his people in Christ before the creation of the world (v. 4). What does this mean for our reading of the Old Testament?

  • Was Jesus ‘plan B’ after the Israelites (i.e. ‘plan A’) failed in their duty?
  • What other stories are effected if God knew his people before creation?

God’s plan was always to choose his people (v.11). How does sovereign choosing affect the way you see your own salvation?

  • Did you choose God or did he choose you?
  • Can you attribute anything in your salvation to anyone but God?


How does understanding that God chose us to be His people affect how you live today?

  • How will it change how you view Christians?
  • How will it affect your attitude towards life?

Is it possible to know everyone who God has chosen to be His people in this world?

How then should we view people who are not Christian?


Thank God for choosing you to be a part of His people even though there is no one that deserves it. 

Pray that you would live out your adoption into God’s family by displaying God’s love to the world.

Pray that God would give you courage to tell those who don’t yet know him about Christ and God’s saving grace.

Providence City