Romans Week 10: Day 3

Read Romans 5:12-21, focussing on verses 18-19.

How does Paul contrast obedience and disobedience?

Read Genesis 3:8-13 and Luke 22:42-44.

How is Adam representative of human disobedience? How does he react when confronted by his disobedience?

How is Jesus actively obedient to God? How does he react when faced with the consequences of obedience?

Reflect on what it means for Christ to have been obedient to God on your behalf.
How does this impact your reasons for striving to be obedient to God?

Are there things that are particularly hard to be obedient to God in this week? How does this passage encourage you to follow God in those things despite the difficulties?

How does this passage give you confidence in God, even if those things don’t turn out well?

Praise God that his one righteous act resulted in justification and life for all people.
Pray that you would grow in obedience to God, without putting your hope in your own works.

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