Romans Week 13: Day 4

Read: Romans 8:14-17


•      What does the Spirit in us achieve in these verses? 

•      How is being an adopted child of God different to being a slave? (Read Galatians 4:1-7)

•      In what two ways do we identify with Christ in verse 17



•      Is your life as a Christian characterised by fear? If so, what promises or assurances from these verses do you need to meditate on? 

•      Consider difficulties you have or are currently facing because of your faith in Jesus. How is the reality that you are God’s child and a co-heir with Christ a comfort in these circumstances?



•      Praise God that you are no longer a slave, but his child. Thank God that you can approach his with boldness as your heavenly Father

•      Pray that the realities of being a member of God’s family, and a co-heir with Christ would shape your outlook on current trials, and cause you to rejoice in Him! 

Providence City