Romans Week 13: Day 3

Read: Romans 8:9-13



What is the hallmark of an authentic believer according to these verses? (Read John 14:15-17)

What are the different ministries of the Spirit in Romans 8:9-13? What hope do they give those who are in Christ? 

What obligation does the indwelling of the Spirit produce in us?  



Consider how Paul redefines life and death in verses 12-13. Are there ‘misdeeds of the flesh' that you need to put to death by the power of the Spirit? 

How does the certainty of our future resurrection impact our experience of life now? 



•      Ask that God would enable you to put to death sin that you are struggling with, by the power of the Holy Sprit who dwells in you

•      Praise God that he has not left us without an advocate, but has given us the gift of the Spirit of truth


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