Romans Week 12: Day 2

Read: Romans 7:7-25 focusing on verses 7-13


Re-read verses 1-6. Why would Paul raise the questions of verses 7 and 13? How might a Jewish believer be confused about Paul’s argument about the law?


Read verse 8. Think about signs such as “keep off the grass” or “please stay behind the lines”. What outcome do these kind of signs often produce? What might this say about our own sinful nature rather than the law itself?

How might verses 9-13 describe humanity’s experience under Adam’s curse? How might it also describe Israel’s experience and Paul’s life under the law?


Read: Galatians 3:19-22

The problem is not with the law itself, rather the law is used by our sinful natures like a catalyst to increase sin, and then to condemn us of our transgressions to the point of no hope. Life under the law follows a sequence of breaking the law (sin), condemnation, and the just penalty of sin being death. The law was really meant to act as a signpost to the Jews, that both tells of humanity’s sinful state, and pointing toward a need for God to save us. In Galatians, Jesus is what that law points to.



What is your instinctive response to Gods commands as a follower of Jesus? What about following God do you rail against? Are there any explicit sins that you need to repent of?

Sin can easily deceive us. Consider the contexts of your life where you find yourself easily falling into sin.  What steps can you take to prevent this from happening?



…for help in living a life obedient to God and his commands: to love God, and to love one another.

…for awareness and repentance of sin in our lives and that we would flee from sin and temptation. 

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