Romans Week 11: Day 3

Read: Romans 6:15-23




What argument does Paul use when saying followers of Christ shouldn’t continue sinning?


·      How is this different to being saved by obedience to the law?


In what ways is being a slave to righteousness different to being a slave to sin?


Paul describes death as a wage received from sin but he describes eternal life as a gift.


Why are they both not described as a wage?




Christians often feel enslaved by sin and therefore, find it hard to accept God’s gift of grace. 


Why do you think it’s hard to accept that there is nothing you can do to earn salvation?  


How does a ‘free gift’ lead to a life of obedience? What freedom does this buy you?   




Thank God for His great gift of grace to an undeserving people. 


Pray that God would help you to obey Christ and follow Him, not because it will save you, but because he has already saved you.

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