Week 2: Day 2

Read:1 Samuel 2:27-36


The mysterious ‘man of God’ reminds Eli of the past.  Why do you think that is?  What is he trying to say to Eli? 

What are the consequences for Eli and his family? 

What is promised to Israel? 


The priests of Israel had the job of mediating the relationship between God and his people.  They were chosen, set aside, for a very important task and therefore had an important place in the community.  Eli and his family had forgotten their role and had used their position for their own gain. 

Read Hebrews 4:14-16

Jesus is the perfect high priest and mediator between us and God.  He himself was the perfect sacrifice so that we may enjoy the relationship with God that we were created to have but that sin denies. 


·         Thank God for Jesus, the perfect high priest and mediator

·         Thank God for Jesus who willingly offered himself as a sacrifice for our sins

·         Confessyour sin to God but be confident that your faith in Jesus’ sacrifice will mean forgiveness



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