Week 2: Day 1

Read: 1 Samuel 2:11-26


The passage goes into detail about the practices of Eli’s sons.  What do you think they did wrong? 

For some background reading: Leviticus 7: 22-36

Compare and contrast the way Eli’s and Elkanah’s family are described in the passage. How does God respond to Samuel’s family? 


Samuel’s part in the passage is sandwiched between descriptions of Eli’s son’s failures.  Samuel, a small faithful boy, is an unlikely hero, a pin prick of light in the dark. 

Are there are opportunities in your life where God can shine through you? 

Read John 1:1-13

Jesus was God’s light to the world, helping believers navigate away from sin and death back to God. 


·         Thank God for Jesus, whose light shines just as bright today as it did 2000 years ago

·         Pray that God would work through you so that others may see His light



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