Week 1: Day 4

Read: 1 Samuel 2:1-11 link


What are some of the themes of Hannah’s prayer? 

What type of people receive blessing in Hannah’s prayer?

What type of people fall under God’s judgement?    


Throughout the bible there is a pattern of God using unexpected people for great things and his glory. 

Read Luke 1: 26-38, 46-56

Mary was a teenager from a backwater town in Gallilee.  She wasn’t of noble birth, she wasn’t wealthy, in fact she wasn’t even married.  Yet it was God’s will to use her for his glory. 

 Reflect on the way that God uses the humble and the lowly.  How does this contrast with how the world works? 


·      Praise God that he is perfectly merciful and perfectly just.  He doesn’t favour the strong, rich or powerful but lifts the lowly, humble and weak. 

·      Ask God for spiritual eyes to see as he does:  we are created in his image and dearly loved but all in need of his grace and mercy. 

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