Our Vision For 2020

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Prayer: We must pray, for we are dependent on God for everything

Proclamation: We must proclaim Christ, by carefully handling the scriptures, so that God is glorified and the church grows

Centres: We will develop church centres that train leaders and equip all Christians to live faithfully for Jesus in contemporary Perth

Seeds: We will plant gospel seeds that share Jesus’ love in our communities

If you would like to see a more detailed version of our vision with the goals we have set out for 2020 you can find it here.






As a part of our vision we want to see Providence become a more prayerful church both corporately and in individual lives.

At it's heart prayer is half of the way we express our relationship with God, we listen to God — we hear from him in his word, and we speak back to him in prayer: we praise and adore him for who he is; we give thanks for what he has done; we confess our sins to him; and we bring our prayers and requests to ask him to do things.



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There is a hive of activity around Providence in any given week:

But—if we understand God and the dynamics of his mission properly— we understand that all that activity is directed toward one particular end:

To see new life in people and communities, to see people born again through the word of God.

And so we need to be crystal clear and relentlessly focussed on proclaiming God’s living word to a dying world through everything we do.





Here at Providence City, God has been generous in giving us many resources. He has given us people with time, energy and gifts and we want to use those resources to build up, invest and then release resources into the wider community for the kingdom of God. 




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A centre church can’t do everything. And in particular, centre churches can’t get into the nooks and crannys of a city in the way small, missional projects can. 

We want to seize those opportunities that God gives us to plant seeds of the gospel that give rise to God’s church, such as a group of people in the same area becoming a missional community for six months to pray together and talk to the local community about Christ.