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If you could ask Jesus anything, what would be your three biggest questions?

During the month of June we are asking Perth about their big questions that they would ask Jesus. We reckon everyone has something they would be interested in asking him and we’re eager to hear what those questions are! The survey has found the top answers and this has resulted in the following talks and events.

"Hey Jesus, if God made the world and loves it, why is there evil and suffering?”

7th July | Sunday | 10am, 4pm, 6pm | On Jesus, Old Testament and Evil

"Hey Jesus, why do you tell us to pray but don’t answer my prayers?”

14th July | Sunday | 10am, 4pm, 6pm | On Jesus, prayer and living in tension

"Hey Jesus, what do you think of people with a different sexuality and lifestyles?

21st July | Sunday | 10am, 4pm, 6pm |On Jesus, disagreement and the “Other”

"Why is it so hard to believe in God?” | "Isn't Jesus anti-women's rights?”

24th July | AMA Pub Night | Click here to buy your ticket

Gospel in Four Meals

31st July for 4 weeks| Wembley | Click here for more information and to sign up

Planning a visit on the 7th, 14th or 21st July at 10am (127 Edwards Street, Osborne Street) or 4pm & 6pm (36 Dodd St, Wembley)?

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