Providence AGM 2018

31st May 2018


The Rise, 8th Avenue Maylands


At the Providence Church Inc. AGM on 31st May, a special resolution will be proposed to adopt a new constitution which better reflects the emerging network of churches that Providence has become, and change the Association’s name to Providence Church Network Incorporated.

Below you can find three documents for your consideration and feedback prior to the AGM.


1. What's changed since November?

Prior to the last Providence Church Inc General Meeting in November a draft of the new constitution was circulated for consideration. Following that meeting and a series of consultations since, a number of changes have been implemented in light of the feedback. This document outlines what has changed since the version circulated in November.


2. Providence Church Network Inc. Constitution

Here you can find a PDF of the new constitution. The new constitution reframes and reshapes the key office-holders and committees in the association to better reflect what Providence has become. Rather than one small church, we are now an emerging network of churches and the constitution provides the structures required for Providence to operate as such.


3. Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Providence Church Network and the Providence Churches is a supplementary document to the constitution which outlines in greater detail how authority and decision-making is balanced between the different office-holders and committees that the Constitution describes. The constitution binds the Network Director, Senior Pastors, Boards of Elders and the Committee of Management to operate according to the principles outlined in the Memorandum, and provides the means for it be modified from time to time by the Board of Reference if required.