Purpose Driven Models

The staff take particular responsibility for areas of ministry and mission that can be divided up into Five Ms:



Membership refers to that process by which someone goes from being new to being an active, contributing member of the church. This involves welcoming at Sunday services, connecting people with other people in the church, and helping them get plugged into various groups, courses and events.

Ben Chaine is the staff member responsible for Membership



Maturity is the process of someone being established in the gospel, growing in Christ and reaching maturity in him. Our Gospel Groups are the main avenues through which our people grow to maturity in Christ.

Jon Rumble and Amy Stopher are the staff members responsible for Maturity. Amy is particularly committed to seeing women grow in Christ. Jon is particularly responsible for resourcing and growing the work of the Gospel Groups.



Magnification is our praise, prayer and wonder at our great God - Father, Son and Spirit. We sing, we read scripture and we pray both together and alone to magnify the name of God.

Robbie Lindsay is the staff member responsible for Magnification, and particularly in overseeing our Sunday gatherings.



Ministry simply means service, and the service of others is the fundamental way we exhibit Christlikeness (John 13:1-17). In this context, 'ministry' is making sure people at church know the contexts in which service is needed (both inside and outside the church) and are able to be trained for them and plugged into them.

Jon Rumble and Amy Stopher are the staff members responsible for Ministry.



We are a community on mission together as we go out into the world to live and work to God's praise and glory. We tell the gospel to others, and we seek to serve others in Jesus' name. Much of this mission happens in and through the context of our gospel communities.

Rory Shiner is responsible for Mission