2020 Vision

The elders, together with the staff, have been working on a '2020 Vision' - a vision (or better, a prayer) for what God might do in and through us over the next 5 years. This vision is this:

To see three thriving, joyful, Christ-centred Providence Hubs in the three historic riverside settlements of Perth, Midland, and Fremantle, each taking responsibility for mission and ministry in their areas.

Let us explain a few things about this:

The River: Historically, both before and after British colonisation, the Swan River has been an area of human congregation and settlements. In particular, the areas around Perth, Guildford/Midland and Fremantle have been the historic areas where the city has been established and from which is had grown. These area are what most of Perth is not - medium density areas with mixed uses. As such they are areas that lend themselves to fostering the sorts of communities and mission practices that have been the DNA of Providence.

The Hubs: We want to see churches that see themselves as Hubs of ministry: bases that seek to resource mission and ministry beyond themselves.

Midland: Providence Church Midland has been a thriving community for some time now, growing and establishing ministries and mission within its area. One of the projects over the next 5 years is to develop the proper level of local autonomy together with the proper level of mutual accountability and resource sharing to see our mission develop.

Fremantle: The idea of planting a Providence church in Fremantle is, at the moment, completely and 100% a pipe dream. But it is a good pipe dream, and one that allows us to start putting prayers and resources toward it as we go forward together.

Hear the story and vision from our Senior Pastor Rory Shiner in the video below: