Baptism Service @ Subiaco Church

Join us this week as we celebrate with those who will openly declare their faith through baptism.

Where: Subiaco Church

When: 18th November, 4pm

Please note regular services are not happening this week. Instead celebrate with us and join us for burgers in Subiaco after the service.


Our Mission:

To bring glory to God, by planting seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ, giving rise to his church



We'd love to tell you about Jesus!

Whether you're secular, sceptical or from another religion—we'd love to hear your questions and share with you what we understand and believe about Jesus.





Providence City Church Services

Telethon Speech And Hearing Centre

Where: 36 Dodd St, Wembley

Services at 4pm and 6pm

Kids Church and Crèche available at 4pm service




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Who We Are



At the heart of Providence City Church is our conviction that the God who is Father, Son and Spirit has made himself known in Jesus Christ. We meet together on Sundays to know this God better—to worship him, pray to him, sing of him, and read his word together.






At Providence City, we love people to get fully involved and become partners with us in our work of knowing God, loving God’s people and bringing his love to those who don’t yet know him.